5 Reasons to Try NEW Go iLawn and Go iPave

It has been almost a year since we introduced our new Go iLawn software, and every week we still get calls from longtime customers who ask us the same question… Why did you change it?

They liked our Classic software. It worked for them. They didn’t see a need to change. And they aren’t always happy… Until they try it.

We get it. It’s human nature not to love change. People prefer to stick with something they know rather than doing something new.

But there are lots of reasons why the New Go iLawn is our best software yet. Here are just a few reasons to Try Go iLawn or Try Go iPave Today:

  1. No More Classic – Our Classic software was written in Adobe Flash, a once-popular multimedia program that has lost industry support. We needed to create a replacement before it simply stopped working.
  1. Try if for Free – There is literally no risk to trying our software. You just need an email address. We don’t ask for money or credit card numbers unless you decide to buy.
  1. Cloud Storage – All your projects are automatically saved to the “My Projects” menu and saved on our servers. You can access them from anywhere and the latest version is always at your fingertips.
  1. Use Any Device – Our new software works on desktops, laptops, tablets… even your iPhone. Measure properties at your desk, in the field, or anywhere – it’s your choice.
  1. Revisit Your Projects for Free – Every project gets saved to the “My Projects” tab, and your subscription allows you to revisit it over and over again to make changes or just to look.

So try the New Go iLawn or the New Go iPave today… You’ll be glad you did.

~ The Go iLawn / Go iPave Team

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