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5 Advantages of Renewing your Landscape Clients During Fall

Fall is an interesting time of year at many landscape businesses- and often a really busy couple of months. The summer crunch is winding down, but fall services are starting up and snow removal prep is going on as well. This causes sales, management and operations to juggle prepping, selling and executing multiple service offerings all at once.

Fall Landscape Services Collage w lgoos

Landscapers juggle multiple services and the task of renewals during the fall.

As if this doesn’t put enough pressure on a landscape company already, renewals are lurking too… although they are probably the first thing to go on the back burner.

Finishing fall services often takes precedence over renewals because guess what, there’s one more thing that makes this time of year more difficult- the weather. Only a few precious warm days with little to no precipitation are left, which means all hands on deck to finish up summer contracts and projects.

Renewing customers early can benefit your landscape company in many ways however, and the benefits of doing so can even make the following year easier. So let’s take a look at five advantages of renewing your landscape clients early.

Five Advantages of Renewing your Landscape Customers Early:

  1. Budget Numbers for Clients: If you can present your renewal agreement to your customers early, you’ve already provided them with their budgetary figures for the coming year. This makes their job easier, and might make them more apt to agree to renew with you earlier.
  2. Salt & Material Pricing– With the drastic increase in salt prices this year, it’s helpful if you can get your clients locked in early so you can get the best pricing possible on salt and deicing materials, and other products and materials you order in bulk for the spring.
  3. Sales & Marketing Goals- By renewing clients early, you’ll have a better chance of knowing how many new sales you will have to win to achieve your sales and marketing goals. On the flip side, if you can’t renew someone early, you’ve at least ‘taken their temperature’ and you have a better idea of whether or not to expect to win their business the following year.
  4. Finances & Purchasing: To elaborate on number three, renewing early also gives you a better idea of sales revenue you can count on for the coming year which can help with financial planning and purchasing, among other things.
  5. Equipment & Labor Demands: Renewing early gives you a better understanding of the demands for equipment and labor you will be facing throughout the winter and when spring rolls around. If you have plans to grow,  you can better assess who you need to hire and what you need to buy as well.

Bottom line is, you can’t get hurt if you renew contracts early. There are many benefits to doing so and it trickles into all aspects of the business; sales, marketing, administration, finances, operations, management…the list goes on!

What steps do you take to renew your clients early?

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