29 Days in February

It’s your extra day, what are you going to do with it?

Since 2016 is a leap year, we have a bonus day, this Monday, February 29th. And if you’re like many of our customers, your business is in the middle of planning and preparing for the coming season. What better time to have a bonus day? Most of your variable costs are down in the offseason, and most fixed costs are billed monthly. So it’s almost like a free day of productivity with little or no costs.

So how are you going to spend it? Here’s a few suggestions:

Do Annual Maintenance

Take some time to inspect your equipment, ranging from trucks and loaders down to smaller power equipment. Use the day to make sure your gear is all ready for the coming season with oil changes, parts replaced and a complete inspection. If you put it off, you might not get a chance in the spring.

Get it Clean

Throughout the season, dirt, dust and debris will collect in your equipment, adding weight and heat, and making things harder to handle and operate. Take some time on Leap Day to remove the hazards of dirty equipment with a deep cleaning.

Find Some New Clients

Put aside your daily routine and use Leap Day to find some new business. Call old clients, knock on doors, or produce quotes on spec. And if you use Go iLawn / Go iPave, you can get some real estimating and quoting work done on leap day, regardless of whether you’re targeting customers you know or even just houses up and down a street. And never mind the weather; it’s always Sunny on Go iLawn / Go iPave, including February 29th.

A special Leap Day Offer

At Go iLawn / Go iPave, we’re feeling the spirit of leap year this week. So when you renew your membership with us, or start a new one on Leap Day, we’ll give you an extra search credit for your extra day in February.

That Gets Even Better

So buy a membership with 25 search credits and we’ll give you an extra search for the extra day this February. Buy 25 search credits for $150 and get 26. Or buy 100, and we’ll give you a bonus credit for every 25 you buy. Get 104 searches for $350, 208 for $600… you get the idea.

So You can Quote 100 New Jobs on Monday

And with Go iLawn/Go iPave’s parcel overlay tool, you can use out parcel jumping tools to turn each free search credit into fresh, accurate quotes for 100 new customers next Monday. Here’s How!

How Do I Get Mine?

To request your Go iLawn / Go iPave Leap Day Bonus, just call us at 800.270.6782 between now and 5:00PM on Monday, February 29th. Or visit our sites at Go iLawn or Go iPave to make your purchase through our automated system, then send a copy of your receipt email to [email protected] and ask for your leap day bonus.

With an extra day on the books, 2016 should be 1/365th better than last year already. And with Go iLawn / Go iPave in your toolkit, you can create more and better quotes to get more new customers and make 2016 even better.

Good Luck,

The Go iLawn / Go iPave team

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