10 Tips – What you need to know about New Go iLawn.

We’ve been selling our New Go iLawn software for about two and a half months now. We’ve learned new things about our customers along the way, and we’ve used that knowledge to improve the Go iLawn experience in many ways, both big and small

That’s right, we’ve already made big improvements from our first release, and the result is our best software yet… and it’s only getting better.

With that in mind, we want to take a moment to tell you 10 things everyone using (or thinking about using) our New Go iLawn software needs to know:

The Basics:

  • It’s Mobile and works on virtually any device and any browser
    • We’ve successfully used New Go iLawn on every current-generation windows, android, and IOS device we’ve tested
  • We provide Cloud Storage of your project files
    • You can access them anytime from anywhere
  • You get Repeat Access to your projects
    • Once a site is in the Your Projects list, you can ‘go back’ to them over and over again using your normal subscription
  • You can access “New” Tools to Add and Subtract from areas
  • The Freehand Draw Tool is really effective on a touchscreen
    • It’s easy to use and very fast. Use your finger, a stylus, or one of our sweet Go iLawn stylus-tip pens

What We’ve Added Since October:

  • We’ve added a Startup Tour that explains site features, and we added tool tips to help remind you how each function works
  • You can Undo and Redo, so those little “oops” moments don’t cost you your productivity
  • We added a handy Address Suggestions feature, so you know you’re headed to the right address before you click
  • You can now Import Your Workspace files from Classic Go iLawn, to create new Projects in your New Go iLawn account
  • You can create Default Groups that will apply to all your new projects. Select My Account from the pull-down at top right to customize your default groups list.

Our New Go iLawn gets better every week, and now’s the perfect time to try it for Yourself:

Try New Go iLawn – Try it Today

About New Go iLawn – Get More Details

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